Wednesday 12 February 2014

She stole my dough

Hands off my ball!

So I surprised my husband last night with an early Valentine's Day treat - pizza making classes at a cool Italian restaurant. It was great fun! I even won best pizza of the night. But...some lady stole my dough.

Yeah that's right, not money. Actual dough. More precisely, a dough ball. She stole my ball.

Here's what went down:

We rock up to the pizza making class.
I'm next to an annoying lady and her friend.
We all make pizza dough balls to take home.
The instructor takes one of mine to show some of the others.
He leaves it next to the annoying lady by accident.
She picks it up, pops it in a container.
Her friend snaps the lid down and puts the container in their bag.
I tell the lady she took my dough.
She laughs.
I'm confused.
My husband is angry.
I tell him to forget it.
We make pizzas.
I win the best pizza prize.
We eat pizza, drink wine and go home - minus one dough ball.

What the f#ck?!

I know my husband and I are cursed when it comes to getting ripped off in restaurants but this was something entirely new. Why on earth would that woman have done that? She wasn't young either, in her 40s at least or most likely older (let's make her an old hag for the sake of this story).

Ok I know it's just a pile of dough but that's not the point. Is this what the world is coming to? Move aside money, people are now out for your actual dough.

The Doors were right - people are strange.

Have you encountered any nut jobs lately?

Photo credit: The Food Factory

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