Wednesday 29 October 2014

I've saved 60 lives!

I gave blood again today and am pleased to tell you that it was a MUCH better experience than last time - which you can read about here.

It did almost go pear-shaped though when a high-school boy managed to get in front of me (despite the fact I was actually next), meaning a delay that almost caused me to leave without donating. However, after explaining to one awesome staff member that I was going to have to leave and get my children they rushed me through the pre-donation process and got me all finished in time. A very surprisingly pleasant experience indeed. And I even got a Mars Bar. Hooray!

I also found out that today was my 20th donation, something I was surprised about as I thought I had donated a lot more than this. Thinking about it though, there was a big chunk of time when I was running my own business and then had children where I wasn't able to get there, so I guess that's why. It's also been a while since my last donation because of our last Bali trip, meaning I had to wait a bit before being allowed to roll up my sleeve again.

Anyway, get a load of this: 20 of my blood donations = 60 lives saved! Each time you donate you can save three people's lives through the blood transfusions they desperately need. I also used to donate platelets which is even more help for people, and was on the bone marrow registry; but I think somehow they've fallen off the bandwagon during my donation hiatus (that's next up on the to-do list).

So get giving blood people! You never know when you might need some yourself...

Go to for all the details. Now.

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Friday 3 October 2014

My son has a friend (exhale....)

"You've got a friend..."
My eldest son who turns four next week has finally got his first proper friend - hurrah! I know it doesn't sound like much, but for my husband and I this is HUGE. We are beyond excited.

He used to be a really outgoing little boy, but over the last few years our son has become shy and not very confident (I'm thinking it might have been due to two hospital visits but who really knows). Anyway he hasn't made any friends yet - until now.

Of course he regularly plays with his brother (ok, mostly fights) and cousins, and hangs out frequently with the children of my friends - but it's not the same. This is forced friendship in a way, because he hasn't actively chosen to spend time with these children. Plus most of my friends have girls so he probably feels a bit left out in those instances.

I know it's quite normal though for young children to play by themselves a lot until they get to a certain age, but you still can't help worrying about it. I actually think having friends is a much bigger mental tick for your children than many academic or physical achievements and milestones, because in life friends are everything. They can make you happy, help and support you, give you confidence, and much more.

A little while ago my son did talk regularly about a boy from his kindy who he apparently played with, but I soon realised he was just telling me he played with him every day (I was suspicious and checked with the teachers). They learn lip service young.

I kept telling him it was ok not to play with anyone some days if you just wanted to be by yourself, and made sure I didn't ask too much about friends, but underneath I was really hoping he would make one. And now he has, and I'm relieved. The teachers were also really excited (it was them who alerted me to the friendship), and now I've met the little boy myself and witnessed the two of them spinning around together playing games which is so sweet to see.

Sure, next week he might not be friends with this kid anymore and then I may have another ball ache on my hands explaining to him why, but for now they're mates and he's asked him to his birthday party, and that's all that matters right now. Far out this parenting thing is hard sometimes!

Have you ever been worried about your child making friends?
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