Tuesday 5 July 2016

5 reasons...to eat the full fat cake

If your child is having a birthday party then you'd better look out because I absolutely LOVE THE CAKE. Particularly the full fat kind. Seriously, I ate five pieces at a kid's party earlier this year. Admittedly there was a lot of cake leftover and I was pregnant, but I blame the cake itself.  It was too delicious for its own good. Full fat crack cake.

Despite my penchant for cake, I do also love vegetables and other good stuff, and try and eat as much organic and wholesome food as possible. But, I can't give up the full fat cake and neither should you. Too many people already have and the world is becoming a soulless place because of it.


1. It's darn delicious
Yes it's true some healthy cakes are also delicious, but let's not pretend here - full fat cakes are the tastiest. I'm talking old school, sugar-laden, most likely preservative-charged, definitely wheat based, usually packet, oh so naughty, full fat cakes. If you don't agree, it's most likely you've just forgotten because the last time you had some was on your 8th birthday when your mum made you the piano from the Australian Women's Weekly Children's Birthday Cake book. Sure, if you want to control the amount of 'fat' in your cake then make it yourself and go a bit easy on the sugar and cream, but why not relive your past? Bring back the sunshine to your life. It's a mouth disco I promise. Eat the fat cake. Do it.

2. We could all die tomorrow
Natural disasters, terrorists, diseases...life is fickle and we never know when our number is up. So why deprive yourself of something that tastes bloody awesome when there is no guarantee on how long you'll be sticking around for? And if you don't legitimately have an allergy or intolerance to something in full fat cake then what the hell is your excuse? Get your cake on! Relish that sh#t. And trust me, everyone munching their carrot sticks wistfully will watch your carefree, allergy-free cake abandonment in complete full fat cake envy. You LOVE the full fat cake. You CAN eat the full fat cake. You WILL eat the full fat cake.

3. It will make you feel good
Depriving yourself constantly of food you like is not good for you. Experts claim it can even have the opposite effect and lead to binge eating. Food is not just fuel, it's meant to be enjoyed. Ok, so eating five pieces of cake in a row is a bit crazy and not recommended if you like wearing skinny jeans and seeing your toes, but one piece occasionally is not going to do long lasting damage. Your diet will not be ruined. You can indulge from time to time and you will love it. Just don't eat the cake and then beat yourself up about it - this only works if you surrender to the cake and don't allow yourself any guilt. So savour each bite and don't feel bad about it. You can go back to your kale salads after. Give in to the fat cake. 

4. It's the polite thing to do
What about the host who has slaved over baking an awesome cake for your eating enjoyment only to have everyone politely refuse? Because, you know, DIETS. No one (apart from maybe me) wants heaps of leftover cake lying around after a party. So don't be rude. Eat the fat cake. 

5. French chicks eat it
Like the book says, French women don't get fat and they LOVE THE CAKE. And pastries, and chocolate, and wine, and cheese (mmm cheese). It's all about moderation people. Plus French chicks are cool. You could be cool too, like this woman below - if you eat the full fat cake. Vive la cake!

Did you know...
Eating excessive amounts of full fat cake on a weekly basis will make you fully fat.


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