Friday 19 July 2013

Dear Maple Syrup

...I love you.  There I said it.

You are a golden liquid delight. Every time I reach for your bottle I feel like a genie is going to come out and shower me with winning lottery tickets and fluffy kittens. Yep, you really are that darn special.

Don't worry, I'm exclusive only to you - the 100% Canadian real stuff and not the nasty, fake imitators in plastic containers that cheapen your good name. And each time I lift your sacred lid I can't help thinking how amazing you are. 

You come from a tree (a freakin' tree!) and taste like heaven - mind blowing. Ok, so you're sap's been tapped and boiled to get you so awesome, but still AH-MAZING.

The opportunities for lending your sensational self to cuisine are endless. You can be poured on pancakes, porridge and french toast;  used in cakes, slices and cookies; be a sweetener in tea, coffee and cereal; even drunk straight from the bottle a la Super Troopers - ok now I'm getting crazy...or am I?

You have less calories and are more nutritious than honey - suck on that bees. And thanks to being high in manganese and zinc you have great antioxidant properties which help the heart, immune system and male reproductive health. 

You're also vegan-friendly AND have no allergens so everybody on this planet can get down with your sweet, sweet funky maple goodness.

Sweet Mother Maple of Sweetness is there anything you can't do?

Maple Syrup, you are truly magical. Just thought you should know.

Which other natural products do you think are awesome? Tell me about them. Now.

photo credit: Marco Cabazal via photopin cc


  1. Ooh I second this, maple is amazing! I love pouring a little on natural greek yogurt made in the yogurt maker as it's a little sour for my tastes by itself.

    1. Haven't tried that one - love it! Am going to trial it tomorrow morning :)


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