Friday 26 July 2013

Fact: tattoo sleeves won't keep you warm

It's the middle of winter at the moment in Sydney, which means it's pretty cold by our standards (even though we've had some gloriously sunny days of late).We don't have to brave snow, extreme temperature lows, harsh frost or major gale force winds; but, we do generally need to rug up each day with a coat and scarf - or at least a jumper so we don't freeze our bits off.

That is of course, unless your arms are more inked up than a squid.

It appears that people with heavily tattooed arms (aka sleeves), are actually invincible super heroes. Their "art" gives them special powers making them immune to the cold.

Seriously, there's something I want to tell you people: your sleeves are not real sleeves.

It's true, from afar your decorated guns and tuck shop lady arms might be confused for crazy, colourful jumpers, but alas they will not keep you warm. I urge you all, please head to the nearest clothing shop and suit up. Influenza is not a joke, and goose pimples are not attractive.

We get it, you got ink. Rock out! Now put your sweater on.

Perhaps I missed the memo, but if your arms are tattooed up the wazoo does this mean you can never cover them up with real sleeves ever again? Is there some special tattoo code that says you've got to show off your tats always, no matter what?

If this is the case, I hate to think what your wardrobes look like. I don't think I could handle wearing a singlet day in / day out, unless I called Summer Bay my home and hung out at the diner drinking shakes every day.

One of these 'freezing to be fierce' culprits walked past me the other day on a particularly cold morning while I was in traffic. Before I even noticed his tattooed arms and lack of real sleeves, the first thing I saw was the look of pain across his face. He looked miserable, and freezing. I almost invited him into the car to warm up. Almost.

Another one was a woman I sat next to in a bar at night. We were both near the entrance so exposed to some cold draughts. Me = t-shirt and long sleeved jumper. Her = sleeveless halter top. How else was she going to show off that ink all over her arms and back? She was putting on a brave face but I just couldn't help thinking, why?! I wanted to tell her to cover up, get cosy and then later when she's back at some dude's house and he takes off her top it can be like he's opened a kinder surprise. Ta da!

I guess I understand it to some degree. A bit like dying your hair bright pink and then tucking it under a hat all the time. Most people get sleeve tattoos to make a statement, and for them it's like wearing a form of permanent clothing they always want to display. But in Winter? Seriously? Maybe they should move to Tahiti. 

Know any sleeveless wonders? Gimme your tat stories

photo credit: moominsean via photopin cc

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  1. Pleased to know it's happening down south, too. Sleeves are the clothing of choice up here in sunny queensland, which - believe it or not - does get a little chilly in winter. While we're on the topic, I would like to add: I. Do. Not. Need. To. Know. That. You. Have. A Tattoo. On. Your. Breast.


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