Tuesday 29 October 2013

Wiggle on outta here please!

They should have done a Thelma & Louise...

Is it just me, or is there something seriously wrong about The Wiggles: the next generation? I turn on the TV and there they are, smiling and singing away like maniacs - nothing has changed except there's now a girl, two new dudes, and the smug, cheshire cat grin on veteran blue wiggle's face is more disconcerting than ever. What I want to know is, why do we even need a brand new Wiggles outfit? Aren't they done already?

I must admit, I've never been a huge fan of The Wiggles - not back when they first started 22 years ago, and not even now that I've got children myself. I have always admired their genuis megabucks global brand, but the show itself? Irritating as hell. And now the cringe factor is completely maxing out.

I was intrigued when one of them (yellow wiggle) retired a few years back due to health reasons and thought that might be the end. But no, they just replaced him and got right back in that big red car. Then when the original guy gets better, they do the old switcheroo and the old band's back together again. Ok...fine. But soon the inevitable kicks in, these old fellas have got to ease up on the all-singing, all-dancing action or they'll be wiggling their way into wheelchairs. So everyone bows out...except good old blue wiggle (aka Anthony Field). No coincidence that he is actually the creator.

I can understand why he wouldn't want the cashcow to tip over, but was the answer really to assemble a new team around him? He's suffered from mental health issues himself, so what's to say he's not also going to need a timeout soon? He could have easily continued on as the mastermind cheque-collector behind the scenes of a new act, or better yet, canned the live shows and stuck to bombarding kids with other Wiggles merchandise instead, like CDs, DVDs, games and lunchboxes. Maybe revamp their cartoon?

The Wiggles are like U2 - they've been going forever, have so many fans and continue to make shitloads of money. So they don't quit - even though maybe they should. I guess the proof is in the kids though - my boys don't really dig The Wiggles (thank god), but I know a zillion other kids do. So if children still want it and it makes them happy, well, I'm sure they're gonna keep on chugging.

Back on the new members though, a girl Wiggle in the new team is of course a very smart move for their fanbase and creates endless brand opportunities. The young dude, meh whatever, but the other older guy? Say whaaaat? Looks so wrong and out of place (I don't care that he's been involved with the group for a while, get that old face out of my face).

I'm just glad my kids aren't that into them. For a really clever, wonderfully musical, educational and super cute show - forget about hot potatoes and get into small potatoes instead.

Are you as creeped out by the new Wiggles as I am?
photo credit: OneTigerFan via photopin cc 


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