Friday 1 November 2013

Sometimes you've just gotta sit in a bucket

That's my son. Sitting in a bucket, just watching the world happen in front of his 3 year-old eyes.

I've written before about seeing things from the perspective of my children and how we should all tune in to living in the present a bit more, but recently I saw something amazing which also made me realise sometimes it's just about looking up and opening our eyes.

Last week a guy in a motorised wheelchair cruised past me on the street holding a mattress in one arm. Yep that's right - a flippin' mattress. And it wasn't a child mattress either, easily a king single. I couldn't even see his face it was so big. Seriously awesome.

I'm so glad I saw this. If I'd had my head buried in my phone checking Facebook instead of looking around at just the right moment, I would have easily missed it. For him, he was probably just getting his bed from A to B, but to me it was truly remarkable. And it made me think of two things - 1) there are so many brilliant things that happen around us ALL the time, and 2) most of these are passing me by and I don't even know it.

I read this article the other day about grasping simple joys which further cemented these thoughts of mine. Of course I know we can't witness everything that goes on, but tonnes of amazing stuff is right in front of our faces at every moment - if we just open our eyes and ears. 

I know the drill though - life is busy and you're so focused on your own problems (which usually aren't important at all), that you never take the time to look around and just observe. But we really need to. Imagine what we're missing out on!

Social media is fantastic for spreading the word about interesting stories, worthy causes and more; but which would you prefer: having your head stuck in a computer or mobile device reading about awesome stuff, or using your own eyes to experience life in all it's beautiful glory first-hand?

Sometimes I think we all just need to sit in a bucket.

Had any great bucket moments of your own lately?

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