Friday 25 July 2014

Are you 'living the dream'?

This is not my arse (I wish it was). But it is my car.
A stranger told me this week that I was "living the dream" and now I can't get it out of my head.

Am I? What dream? When did this happen?

I can tell you one thing, she didn't tell me this last weekend when I was sat at the medical centre for two hours covered in hives, while my boys screamed the place down on the floor in a tantrum tornado.

Nope, she was a mum outside the kindy who spied me getting out of my car with the children for drop off. I have an old Mustang which I love, but probably should sell given we could really use the money and it's not the most convenient or safest of cars for travelling with children (not to mention he often needs a jump start and isn't very good for the environment!).

The woman was a Mustang lover and couldn't stop gushing about my car, to the point that I actually saw one of her children fall in the gutter trying to get into her car while she was too busy making star eyes at my coupe.

Her beaming face and parting words, "You're living the dream!" were so sweet, yet also really surprising (and a little stalkerish).

Am I living the dream? Well I suppose so if you happen to like Mustangs that is.

The strange thing is, I actually said the exact same thing to someone else a few days before this. I'd told it to a friend who is currently in the states for work, just chilling at Comic-Con and the Skywalker Ranch amongst other rad stuff as you do. So jealous!

You see I'm a massive film fan, particularly of legendary flicks such as Star Wars and Ghostbusters, and I am also bursting to travel around America. So I guess in telling my mate he was 'living the dream' what I really was saying was, you're living one of my dreams.

I have so many goals and desires it's ridiculous - both personally and professionally. Even if I fulfilled all of them right now, I'm sure another 50 would just sprout up in their place. Maybe I'm greedy, or just plain ambitious, who knows but I've got a hell of a lotta dreams.

In fact, I've got so many that I don't often stop to think about the dreams that I have actually achieved. Mustang Stalker Mum has opened my eyes on the matter because it's true, I did always want a cool car - tick!

I also wanted to be married and have children, and have a home on the Northern Beaches. And a cat. Ticks all round folks. And there's plenty more where that came from.

It's that age old wisdom isn't it? We're so busy focused on what we don't have, that we don't appreciate what we do have (it's kind of hard sometimes though when your children are always screaming in your face).

I am currently living the dreams of many people, including myself, yet have never really thought about it that way. Can certainly put a fresh spin on your life.

Anyway one thing's for sure, I'll be sure to remember this next time my car breaks down.

Are you living 'the dream'?

Photo credits: Photographer, Jason Ierace. Stylist, Emma Wood.

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