Wednesday 29 October 2014

I've saved 60 lives!

I gave blood again today and am pleased to tell you that it was a MUCH better experience than last time - which you can read about here.

It did almost go pear-shaped though when a high-school boy managed to get in front of me (despite the fact I was actually next), meaning a delay that almost caused me to leave without donating. However, after explaining to one awesome staff member that I was going to have to leave and get my children they rushed me through the pre-donation process and got me all finished in time. A very surprisingly pleasant experience indeed. And I even got a Mars Bar. Hooray!

I also found out that today was my 20th donation, something I was surprised about as I thought I had donated a lot more than this. Thinking about it though, there was a big chunk of time when I was running my own business and then had children where I wasn't able to get there, so I guess that's why. It's also been a while since my last donation because of our last Bali trip, meaning I had to wait a bit before being allowed to roll up my sleeve again.

Anyway, get a load of this: 20 of my blood donations = 60 lives saved! Each time you donate you can save three people's lives through the blood transfusions they desperately need. I also used to donate platelets which is even more help for people, and was on the bone marrow registry; but I think somehow they've fallen off the bandwagon during my donation hiatus (that's next up on the to-do list).

So get giving blood people! You never know when you might need some yourself...

Go to for all the details. Now.

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