Tuesday 12 November 2013

There's no place like home

The family and I just returned from our 'Bali take 2' trip which was so much better than our first attempt. This time we rewired our attitudes and expectations, and brought my sister along for the ride. The result? A lovely holiday. I'm not going to say it was perfect though, because who can really have a perfect holiday with two toddlers? Plus I did get sick for one day (thanks to my youngest having the runs when he got in the pool every, single, time), and the plane rides were pure hell. But aside from this it was mostly relaxing, fun and very enjoyable.

As is the case with almost every trip or holiday I've ever had though (and I've travelled a lot), the best part was actually coming home. We were only away 10 days yet I returned feeling refreshed, inspired, motivated and excited.

I often complain about the mundane day-to-day goings-on in my household (especially things like wiping highchairs, grocery shopping and washing), but there's something about leaving it all (even for a brief time) to make you really appreciate your home and life when you get back.

For starters, I'll never take clean tap water you can brush your teeth with for granted ever again. Not having to cart around hand sanitiser everywhere and the general reduction in germs is also a massive plus - before I used to get stressed over my kids picking stuff up off the street or touching things like bins, but they can lick the floors and walls of all the cafes in Sydney for all I care now. 

The boys were even more excited than my husband and I to walk through our front door. They ran around like lunatics grabbing our cat, playing with their toys as if they'd never seen them before and laughing for no reason other than the wonderful familiarity of it all.

I'm sure they don't miss their daily Bali sweat moustaches which were so substantial they could have warranted Movember sponsorship, and my eldest definitely doesn't miss the mosquitoes which ravaged his face so badly and caused an allergic reaction of hives (plus an increase in blood pressure for my husband and I who were worried about the risk of dengue fever and malaria).

So-called boring meals like baked beans and toast, and even broccoli, have a renewed attraction for the children, because after all, there's only so many french fries and nuggets you can have before getting fed up.

And whilst we're not millionaires, seeing how little some families in Bali have to live on and what small luxuries they have, has made me feel extremely rich and blessed.

So all in all, a great holiday and a spectacular return home. 

What's your favourite part about going away?

photo credit: KatherineKenny via photopin cc

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