Tuesday 16 December 2014

Too many Santas, not enough snow

Flamin' ho ho ho
Is it just me, or is Santa getting around a hell of a lot these days? Seems like there's practically one on every street corner ho'ing it up now.

When I was little there was so much mystery and excitement around the big guy, but now every man and their beer belly is jumping in the red suit. Shopping malls, concerts, carol nights, school functions, shops, parties, BBQs, you name it - and that's on top of all the drunk Santas on pub crawls.

The sentiment behind it is nice, but don't you think it gets a bit confusing for the little ones?

This is the first Christmas my boys are REALLY into the whole festive season. We've already been to see Santa at the mall so they could tell him what they wanted for a present (Lego obviously), and of course they're also expecting him to stealth in via the windows on Christmas Eve to deliver some presents.

But we also had a surprise visit from a geriatric Santa at a concert recently (handing out lollies which came from God knows where). And then at a friend's BBQ on the weekend one of the dads dressed up to hand out presents to the kids as well.

Suddenly Santa isn't so special, he's everywhere. And how come he looks so different each time?

My husband and I actually told our boys ahead of the BBQ that one of his helpers who looked a bit like him would be there to give them a present, just so they didn't get wise. They may be young (2 and 4), but they sure are cluey; and as they're only just getting into Santa I don't want them catching on before they've even had time to enjoy the magic.

It was a good thing too, because BBQ Santa ended up being boozed, shirtless and with ripped pants!

So maybe put the red hats down fellas, let's leave Santa to get his ho on himself.

Have you had enough of all the Santas?

photo credit: jesse.millan via photopin cc


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