Thursday 13 November 2014

Goodbye my dragon...

Nothing beautiful about this

"Goodbye my dragon...goodbye my friend. You've not been the one, not been the one for me...."

James Blunt has been singing in my head the last month or so (with doctored lyrics), every time I walk past that dreaded shelf in the living room. Darn those aqua dragons - or should I say dragon? I killed the rest of the buggers remember? And now.... the last one has expired.

Well technically, it probably carked it two months ago. I've been too scared to check so I'm afraid I don't have an exact time frame on its departure from this world. I do have a place though, my living room, under my care. Yes I'm responsible. I tried so hard to keep it alive and kicking, but I failed. Again.

Darn those dragons! And the people who are manufacturing and selling them, well they can really get effed. I can't believe it's something for children, talk about stressful!

They are the WORST idea since jeans you're not allowed to wash but can stick in the freezer instead. Seriously, I think the fashion industry is still killing themselves with laughter over that rort. What do you do if spill a whole can of soft drink down those designer denims? Chilled air is not going to cut it.

Anyway I just wanted to say that I've now washed the last aqua dragon down the sink, along with his compadres, and thrown away the container and all the feeding bits and pieces. I've learnt my lesson. Never again!

See you dragons, it's been real.... real annoying (and now you're real dead - sorry).


What other products do you think are shockers? Tell all!

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