Friday 2 August 2013

Why am I so annoying?

Confession time - I've formed a habit. A bad one. And I can't stop doing it.

Basically it involves me singing any song, and I mean ANY song, in a high pitched, posh English voice - kinda like the Queen. Terrible.

It can be anything, from "I like big butts" to the theme tune for "Bananas in pyjamas." No melody is off limits to the Queen treatment.

Why do I do this? I have no idea. I must love it otherwise I wouldn't keep doing it. But it is SO annoying! And if I find myself annoying, god help everyone else. Luckily throughout the day it's only the kids or cat that have front row tickets, and at night my husband usually ignores me when I do it. I'm pretty sure one of them is going to tell me to quit it soon though. I would.

At least this is a fairly new habit of mine, developed since I became a stay-at-home-mum, I think. I can't recall doing it beforehand, so it must be a One Woman Circus side-effect. 

I do know another equally annoying habit of mine though that's been going on since well before motherhood - another singsong affliction I'm afraid. Basically if I hear a word or phrase in a conversation I sing a song associated with that word. So for example, if chatting in a group someone says the word diamond, I might sing out a few bars of "Diamonds are forever" - groan. WHY?!

I also make up songs about anything and everything on a daily basis. But, on an unrelated singing note, I also recently couldn't stop saying "totes mcgotes" non-stop for about two weeks so my annoying streak does go beyond the musical. Luckily this has ceased - well, let's just say reduced. The Queen and her singing buddies haven't been so successful...yet.

Do you sometimes annoy the crap out of yourself? Let it out here

photo credit: Michael Gwyther-Jones via photopin cc



  1. IT WAS YOU! I have the compulsion to sing a song for every word that someone says in a conversation - I've even done it in work meetings. Now I know where it comes from! I will get my revenge.... you just wait x

  2. My mum does that too. It's funny. I come up with the most ridiculous mumsie wumsie names for my kids, even called one "sugar face" the other day. REVOLTING! Hate hearing the things that come out of my mouth!

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed this blog thanks for sharing


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