Tuesday 19 November 2013

Maybe she's born with it, maybe it's bullsh#t!

Liza wished the photographer would hurry up so she could blink.
 BUSTED! Finally, some news I was most pleased to read about last week - mascara brands are now getting their arses kicked for false advertising. That's 1,000 lashes for you Maybelline and Cover Girl! Their ads which use eyelash inserts and photo trickery to sell the promise of lashes the size of giant huntsman spiders just aren't cutting it anymore with the ad watchdogs. About bloody time.

Sure we all know most advertising stretches the truth and often outright lies (thanks to the likes of photoshop), but I've personally been baffled by mascara ads for years now. Not only do they lie by showing you a picture of some hot chick with eyelashes that clearly aren't produced by using their product, but at the bottom of the ad in small print they actually tell you this as well saying things like "lash dramatisation" or "lash enhancements used" - so yes, they openly admit in plain sight they're blowing smoke up your behind.

I've been amazed they've gotten away with it for so long. It's downright ridiculous and completely unnecessary. How dumb do they think women and drag queens are?!

I'm not going to lie, I love mascara. It's my number one make-up tool in a very, very empty bag of slap tricks. I hate buying, putting on and taking off make-up so most days go natural - except for the old mascara. So yes I buy it fairly often, and usually the big brands, but definitely not because of their wacky ads promising insane miracle eyelashes. I know they be lyin' crazies, but I like what the product does for my peepers. So there's really no need for them to go nuts on the fake ads.

Why lie like a child and go overboard on the performance promise? Women know what mascara does and if they want to look like Liza Minnelli, then it's time to get out the falsies (something I've never been bothered to do myself, but hey some people dig them).

We all know that women in push-up bra ads for small busted ladies actually have large racks in real life (or photoshop has done it for them), but mascara ads have taken crazy to coco loco levels. Would you advertise a house with three extra bedrooms and a pool when it doesn't actually have them, or a new car with bonus features including the ability to fly? Nope - not even if you put a truth disclaimer down the bottom.

So time to cut the crazy mascara brands - off with those lashes!

Do any other fake ads annoy the hell out of you? Share in the comments

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