Monday 23 December 2013

The Christmas gift I can never have...

Several weeks ago after not being able to think of any ideas for my Christmas wish list, I came up with a bunch of things I DIDN'T want instead (check it out here if you missed it).

I've since had a rethink and now the big day is almost here I finally know what I want. The only problem is I know no one can give it to me.

So what is it? Well it's quite simple really, I just want effing technology to work.

Lately almost everyone I know has had major issues with technology - phones wiping contacts, not being able to send or receive emails, computers acting crazy, Facebook pages having multiple glitches - you know, that sort of thing. For some unknown reason though I naturally repel technology and seem to have way more problems than anyone else.

I swear my body gives off some kind of anti-technology vibe and causes things to malfunction. I've even done experiments before to test out this theory, which proved that a computer acting nuts for me can often instantly go functional again, just by someone else being in front of it - even if they're doing exactly what I was doing, or doing nothing at all. I'm telling you, I must give off anti-tech energy and it sucks.

Yes technology is wonderful - and I'm not even talking about newfangled gizmos that I don't even use yet. The concept of a landline phone or how it's physically possible to take a photo still blows me away - pure magic. But technology is also a bastard. It lures you in with it's wizardry and then leaves you high, dry and on the phone to Telstra about to have a stroke.

Technology is of course extremely complicated and temperamental, so I know I won't get my desired Christmas present this year. Sigh. To make me feel a bit better though, I'm going to leave you with one of my favourite clips from the movie Office Space. If you've ever felt my technology pain, click play immediately to feel instant satisfaction.

Are you allergic to technology like me?

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