Monday 30 December 2013

The circus big top for 2013

As we sit on the cusp of a brand spanking shiny new year I'm going to use this as an opportunity to say THANKS. That's thanks to everyone who's ever read One Woman Circus over these past six months (or even it was just the once and by accident!); thanks to my husband for listening to me go on about it all the time; and thanks to my mate Jo at Down To Earth Mother for some great blogging advice.

I was actually very against writing my own blog for ages (every man and their dog blogs right?); but finally all the random thoughts, rants and article ideas overflowed out of my brain and made their way to this online channel. Aside from a few a-hole technology issues to start with, it's been so much fun. I still struggle with the word blog though, in my head 'online journal' seems more apt. Meh. Much a muchness right?

Anyway, it's been a hell of a ride so far so thanks for listening people. The circus will be continuing into 2014, but as my last post for this year I thought I'd give you a rundown of my most popular articles - the ones that were the most read, shared and talked about.

So here they are, the One Woman Circus top five posts of 2013 (as dictated by you awesome readers):

1. 8 things I've learned since becoming a mum
Looks like my teeny tiny old piklet boobs topped the list - who would have thought? Parenthood is crazy on so many levels and physical changes are just one part of it (for mums at least). You've either got to laugh or cry - so I'll take hilarity any day thanks.

2. Don't take that cup of tea for granted
I never dreamed that going on a diet would be so interesting to people. And that's not one for weight loss either, it was to uncover an intolerance and it made me crankier than a cat with a sock on its head. Rest assured, no diet happening now - happy New Years people, yew!

3. WARNING - kids and holidays don't mix
A holiday in Bali. With a toddler and a baby. Yes we were crazy and we didn't even know it. We did learn a bunch of stuff though so if you're thinking of doing the same you might want to check out my tips first.

4. I'd like to thank God and...
I got a Liebster Award - rock n' roll! Clearly the blogger 'pay it forward' initiative works. Nice one. Or, maybe you were all just seriously loving Haley Joel Osment's man-body. Yeah, that was it.

5. The secret weapon every parent should remember 
Music. It rocks my world and even as I write this it's helping tame the little lions. Are you using it? Do it. Now.

See you on the other side people...

What was your favourite circus moment this year?

photo credit: dongga BS via photopin cc

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